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Welcome to a place where a child can control his or her own destiny. Where a parent can embrace the responsibility of raising a happy, well-rounded child. Where a teacher can effortlessly guide her students without stifling individuality. Where the journey toward the person a child will become is no longer a road of chance and guessing. Where you can choose, build, and enhance your own tendencies, qualities, and personality traits. Welcome to the world of Character Publishing.

Our Award-Winning Books


Illustrator: Lynn Alpert

Beaded Kingdom Low Res

Illustrator: Amy Bonnett, Angie Bonnett and Anthony Phillips

What Do They Want From Me? - Cover

Illustrators: Jerusha Bosarge and Julie Quigley

Recent Posts

Bully Busters Video

Posted by Character Publishing on May 12, 2014  /   no comment

In 2009, the girl scout troop I led (troop 5745) decided to take a stand against bullies. This is the public service announcement they came up with. Feel free to share this with schools in your area!

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Bead Bunny Bookmark

Posted by Character Publishing on September 25, 2013  /   no comment

Here’s a cute DIY bookmark that will add a touch of fun to any book. Supplies: Yarn or some sort of thick string Scissors Ten small wooden beads for the ears, arms and legs Two larger wooden beads for the head and body Some extra accent beads    Step one: Cut one long length of (Keep Reading…)

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What’s the Big Friggin’ Deal? 10 Legitimate Reasons to Stop Cursing in Front of Our Children

Posted by Character Publishing on May 31, 2012  /   no comment

My husband and I raise our children in the real world. Our parenting strategies are thoroughly “human” and full of mistakes made with the fervent hope that imperfection is the ideal climate for learning, growth, and self-discovery. We believe in the concepts of free and independent thought and appreciate the beauty and versatility of the (Keep Reading…)

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