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Bead Bunny Bookmark

Here’s a cute DIY bookmark that will add a touch of fun to any book.



Yarn or some sort of thick string


Ten small wooden beads for the ears, arms and legs

Two larger wooden beads for the head and body

Some extra accent beads 


Step one: Cut one long length of string and three short lengths of string. The long piece will act as the bookmark. The short pieces will be used for the bunny.



Step two: String the two large beads onto the long piece of string. If you’re having trouble shoving the yarn into the hole, try using a toothpick or paperclip to help push the yarn through the hole. Once you’ve strung the beads, tie a knot at the bottom to secure the beads. If the hole of the bead is large, tie the knot multiple times.



Step three: Tie the short lengths of string on top of, in between, and below the two large beads, as shown in the picture below. Try to get all the pieces as close together as possible.





Step four: String the beads as shown in the picture below. There should be three beads for each ear, one bead for the hands and feet, and however many beads for the accent piece at the other end of the bookmark.





Step five: Tidy up. Cut the excess pieces of string, give your bunny a face, and VOILA! You’re done.













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Character Publishing Has Moved!!

Come see us!


Right Across the Street from Delisle Elementary!

Right Across the Street from Delisle Elementary!

6340 Kiln Delisle Road

Unit F

Pass Christian, MS 39571

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Is the Emotional Shielding of Our Children Doing More Harm Than Good?

I have four amazing kids, but only one is ‘sensitive’… and I don’t mean ‘sensitive’ in the normal sense of the word. I mean emotionally insightful about the people around her to a degree that is often invasively creepy.


Now, I’m not saying that she is a Jedi (yes, I am), but I just want to emphasize the fact, for the purpose of this blog entry, that she has an uncanny ability to accurately read the emotions of her friends, her family, and the mood of her environment, even when we try (very skillfully, I am certain) to hide them from her.


Often disturbed by her seemingly superhuman skills, I have spoken to friends and family and realized that Abby is not alone. Evidently there are multitudes of ‘sensitive’ children walking among us disguised as normal, small humans. But secretly, they are logging the emotional atmosphere of the world around them in those amazing little brains of theirs.


The existence of this secret society of small, Jedi-like creatures is completely fine, until a grown-up, tension-causing situation arises that a child should not have to be exposed to. For example, some teachers, other parents, and I recently started having some major issues with the principal at my child’s school. I will spare you the details except to say that the situation was becoming tense between all grown-ups involved (especially at the school), and it was disturbing me personally to the point that I was losing sleep over it. Here is the tricky part…


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