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Annie the Scientist


Annie the Scientist

by Daniel Johnson

2014 Literary Classics Best First Chapter Book

“Annie the Scientist makes science fun and interesting for kids. New ideas and famous quotes are scattered throughout the book which is a great read for growing minds! Annie helps kids find the extraordinary in the ordinary… and we can all use a little of that. This book comes highly recommended for home and school libraries, and for use in classroom settings.” -Literary Classics Reviews

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Product Description

Annie the Scientist is a chapter book for upper elementary school readers that follows one year in the life of a group of children and their new friend, Annie. Annie is different from the other kids; she is a bit aloof, and tells the other children that she is a ‘scientist.’ At first, the children are naturally skeptical of Annie’s claim, but Annie slowly gains their confidence by performing one amazing scientific feat after another. By the end of the year, despite their initial doubts, the children are forced to reevaluate their opinions of Annie. Maybe a kid really can be a scientist after all! Annie the Scientist is simply packed with fun scientific facts. It also includes supplementary material in the back for teachers/parents, an author/illustrator bio, and a glossary.

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