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Submission Guidelines

Now Accepting New Manuscripts!

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Our focus is to allow parents and children to selectively enhance certain character traits in a particular child.
Character Publishing

If you are interested in submitting manuscripts or artwork to Character Publishing for publication consideration, please take a moment to become familiar with our mission. The focus of this company is to allow parents and children to selectively enhance certain character traits in a particular child.

As you can see on this website, all a parent/teacher/child needs to start building better character is to click on the character trait they wish to enhance. Our company will then direct them to a new page with books and products that nurture that particular quality. If your manuscript does not specifically nurture a specific trait, please keep that one home, and send something that our company publishes instead.

What character traits are we looking for?

Anything positive. Our list of character traits can certainly change and grow, so don’t hesitate to send a manuscript simply because you don’t yet see the trait it teaches listed on our website.

With that said, to be considered for publication, please focus on middle-grade readers or younger. Books for readers older than middle-grade will be considered only for future lists.


To submit, use the generic writers (and illustrators) guidelines provided on the SCBWI website (, and include the following on your cover page:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Title of manuscript
  • Target age group
  • Specific characteristic(s) the manuscript enhances
  • How you would be willing to help sell this book (ex. Author visits/events, marketing list of addresses for direct mailings, selling at conferences, etc.)

I have never appreciated the value of a query letter. I will read them if necessary, but if it’s all the same to you, I would prefer to spend my time simply reading a cover letter and the manuscript. Thanks!

Upon publication, Character Publishing pays authors an advance against future royalties, and you will retain your copyright. However, illustrators will be paid a flat fee on a work-for-hire basis, in which Character Publishing purchases all rights to the artwork. The book will still include your name as illustrator on the cover. If authors choose to work-for-hire, instead of receiving royalties, he/she may opt for the same contract as our illustrators.

I will strive to respect the norms of my peers in regard to all publishing contracts, and I will also provide each new author with a customized marketing packet for their book, including what Character Publishing plans to do to market this book, and specific suggestions for the author to use in selling the book on his/her own.

Words of caution:

Please do not send specifically religious manuscripts, not that I am against religion. It is simply not the focus of this company. Similarly, if the manuscript is not a subtle nurturing of a characteristic, it will not be considered. No child, in my experience, enjoys reading a book that preaches or barks to them in any way.

Tips and suggestions:

Unlike many larger publishers who only claim to want unique manuscripts, but then publish the same-ole-thing, I am specifically looking for edgy pieces to make a new, unknown, small company truly stand out in a sea of competition. I tend to enjoy quirky senses of humor and unpredictable stories. For illustrators, I like bright or rich color pallets (nothing washed-out or too pastel), realistic facial features, and I am a sucker for anything that looks magical. And most importantly, for authors and illustrators, do not underestimate the potential of our children to understand and to handle tough concepts and complex ideas.

Submission Methods

Manuscripts may be emailed (without attachments) to
or sent via snail mail to:

Character Publishing
23568 Montebella Road
Pass Christian, MS 39571

Please note:

Manuscripts and artwork will be recycled, not returned. Response time will probably be approximately 6 months, but who really knows? I have a form letter ready to send out for rejections, but I promise that I will only use it if I am completely bombarded by manuscripts and too overwhelmed to respond personally. If that happens, you may justly feel sorrier for me than for yourself, as I am in way over my head.

Hope to receive some awesome art and writing very soon!

All the best,

Jerusha Bosarge
CEO Character Publishing, LLC